Mograph: ToasterDemon Branding

Mograph: ToasterDemon Branding

In 2016, the YouTube channel ToasterDemon decided to re-brand and give their channel a fresh new look.
Both a brand logo/identity as well as a visual animation was created for Toasterdemon. This included motion graphics, titles, icons and headers.

The main heft of the project was creating the animated title sequence that would appear at the end of ToasterDemon videos as well as bumpers on online and live streaming outlets.
'Towers' was one of the concepts that was explored and ultimately put through to the prototyping stage to be made into a proof of concept.
The Final 'Towers' sequence had over 600 layers all controlled by expression automation within After Effects.

Main sequence, Adobe After Effects

Each tower was controlled automatically by a control layer with a monochrome animation as the animation source.Each tower would pull the luminosity value from its own automatically assigned pixel group and use the average of those pixels to assign their animated state.This meant that animation of 600+ layers could be done easily and reasonably efficiently without the need to animate each layer individually, which would be both slow and imprecise.

Animation sequence, Adobe After Effects